Scientific Hand Analysis Live Series

Free online event

How To Tap Into The Scientific Power Of Hand Analysis As A Spiritual Tool To Unlock Your Purpose While Transforming The Lives Of Others

Join Me For This LIVE Online Workshop Series Where I Will  Share With You How To Uncover Your Purpose, Gifts And Talents, Connect With Your Message And Get Paid for Your "Passion Fuelled" Work NOW


APRIL 12th - APRIL 16th - 12.00pm Melbourne Vic Australia each day


  • How Hand Analysis can help you align to your Ultimate Purpose
  • What the hands can teach you about your big message and the BIGGEST area most people ignore that block their success
  • Why your Heartlines determine the quality of your relationships and how to better understand these to repair and activate your connection to others
  • The importance of embracing your Gift Markings and how you can confidently monetise them
  • How to use hand analysis to confidently to guide others to live their life purpose while creating more prosperity and abundance in your own life

Now I'm the kind of person who hadn't I ran into Luanne would have never ever done anything like this. I was extremely skeptical and only because I just thought Luanne was such an amazing person that she managed to convince me to have it done, and thank God for that.

Because again, its been an absolutely amazing experience that still resonates with me weeks down the road. I think about some of the things Luanne said to me almost every day and what its done for me is, first of all about my life purpose. I tink everybody knows deep inside what it is but to have confirmation has just doubled and tripled my motivation. I get out of bed in the morning and I am so focused on my what I am going to do with my day and how I am going to spend my day to get one step closer to my purpose, so that's been amazing. 

Kathrin Luty

There's Never Been A Better Time To Double-Down & Serve From Your Passionate Purpose To Really Help Others Transform And Re-align with their own Purpose by Design

If you've ever wondered why everyone is talking online courses in these “special times” and how you could create your own, then this free live training is FOR YOU if you are a healer, therapist, spiritual entrepreneur or coach !


Natali Brown -

Luanne has taught me the power and liberating effect of ‘imperfect action’ and has helped me get clear about the mission of my business, who I serve and how I envision growing and scaling it. Luanne doesn’t sweat the small stuff and her down to earth approach to business is comforting and inclusive. She actively encourages you to step up and shine and creates an environment where you feel safe to do so. I am forever grateful for Luannes guidance and radiant energy that ignites a fire in my body to keep going despite the challenging days. Thank you Lu x

Rose Videler
Health on Purpose Coach